Sunday, December 6, 2009

Setting the Record Straight

In July of 2007, I ran the Naples-New York Park to Park 10K in 45:24 -- a PR for me. The NYRR, however, posted a much faster time for me -- 41:10. As I posted afterwards, it was a time I couldn't possibly run, but I couldn't get the NYRR to correct it. It's one thing to have an inaccurate time listed, but it was weird to have my "PR" be in error. Just the other day, I was looking at this very cool site that lists your races in PR order, and there it was again, my "fastest" 10K, 41:10.
It took two and half years, but I have finally set the record straight. The Joe Kleinerman 10K was this morning and I knew I was ready to beat my previous best of 42:08. But wait, was the false 41:10 in reach? For the first time, I thought it might be. I needed to average a 6:38 pace. Given my 6:26 pace in the 4 miler a couple of weeks ago, that seemed possible, but my previous best 10K was at 6:47.
I wanted it.
Here's how it went.
Mile 1: 6:42 - PR pace, but not SRS (Set the Record Straight)
Mile 2: 6:40 - Getting better...
Mile 3: 6:34 - I'm thinking I can do this.
Mile 4: 6:37 - Good, good... just don't lose it on Cat Hill and it's in the bag.
Mile 5: 6:37 - Hill? What hill?
Mile 6: 6:22 - Like a horse headed for the barn...
Last .2: 1:17 - Pick out some young fit looking guy and challenge him to a finish line race (fun, but not a winning strategy).

Official time: 40:51 -- 6:35/mile

And there you have it. My PR is real, and my honor (for what it's worth) is restored.


Robert said...

That's awesome! Congrats! I had a similar thing happen to me... back in high school, I ran this downhill 10K up in the mountains, so of course it was the fastest I had on record, but it never felt legitimate. When I was finally able to beat that time in CP last year, it felt so good to have everything clarified.

The Laminator said...

Congrats on your race! That's quite a speedy 10K time. Glad you got the record straight.

runner26 said...

nice!! congrats on the PR! and nothing beats setting the record straight ;)

jb24 said...

Wow! way to show the NYRR who is boss. Congrats on an incredible time and PR.