Sunday, March 23, 2008

Other Parks

I had two spectacular runs this weekend. Saturday at Rockefeller State Park, and Sunday at the Inwood Hill Park.

I posted about a great run at Rockefeller before, and this one was just as good. Maybe better. I drove out with two good friends, and we took an easy pace, just soaking in the beauty of the park. There were lots of hills, and occasionally I charged up one, just to get the heart pumping. We stopped for a scrumptious breakfast at a Salvadoran restaurant in Washington Heights on the way back. Hopefully, we will do this many more times.

Inwood Hill Park was entirely new to me, and another place I hope to revisit soon. Located at the northern tip of Manhattan, the park has great views along the rivers, and a labyrinth of trails through a large wooded area. Running in this park was a little a remote, so I probably wouldn't do it alone, but with a friend there is a ton of territory to explore. I'll get up there again with my camera soon, and post some pics here for your viewing pleasure. In the meantime, here's a stock photo to give you an idea.


The Laminator said...

Nice pictures! Never been to either of those two places yet, but I hear it's beautiful. Can't wait for the others.

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